The Festival Club is open to all during the SCF in the award-winning Cathedral Refectory.

On Friday 15th July there are evening suppers from 17:30 to 18:30 which can be pre-booked. The Festival Club will be open for the Late Night Bach by Candlelight on Friday 15th July from 20:20 to 23:00 offering wine by the glass (£5.00) and other drinks; also cheese platter with fruit (£6.00).

There will also be a Patron's Welcome on Friday 15th July at 17.30 in the West Cloister.



Public car parks near the Cathedral are situated in New Street (closes at 20:00) and Crane Bridge Road. More distant car parks are in Brown Street, Salt Lane and the Central Car Park. There is no free public parking available in the Cathedral Close but spaces are available at £8 per day. A limited number of Patrons’ permits at a cost of £15 each will be available for parking in the Cathedral Close. The permit will be issued for the duration of the Festival and a specific vehicle; it is not transferable and vehicles will be parked at their owners’ risk. Applications for permits should be made in writing to: Ed Rimmer, SCF Patrons’ Parking, Wyndham House, 65 The Close, Salisbury, SP1 2EN with the vehicle registration number, a cheque for £15 made payable to SCF and a stamped self-addressed envelope.